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Our Beef.

Our breeding herd, a mix of pure Angus and F1 Wagyu, nestles itself on 1400 acres in the beautiful valleys within the Southern Highlands at Werai, NSW. Here we produce quality 100% grass fed beef. The Southern Highlands has enviable soils and water which produce some of the best cattle in Australia. The rich farming soils mixed with some of the best grazing country results in very consistently tasty beef.


When the steers are ready to leave our cow calf operations in the Southern Highlands, they are then fattened on pasture and finished at “Avondale” our Mandurama property which provides the ideal environment to graze and grow with traditional values, hormone and chemical free.


Our beef is processed locally at Breakout River Meats in Cowra and delivered back to our own master butcher ensuring quality products in our customer direct programs or exclusively at one of our four venues or community events.

Why Wagyu?

The word Wagyu refers to all Japanese beef cattle ('Wa' means Japanese or japanese-style and 'gyu' means cattle). They are known for their peaceful temperament and are unusually healthy cattle. 


The F1 Wagyu breed is generally more docile than other breeds of cattle. They adapt well to different environments and can be raised on traditional beef operations.

Wagyu cattle tend to have a better birth efficiency because cattle are born smaller and they are good mothers.

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What sets F1 Wagyu
beef apart?

What makes it so distinctive over other beef breeds is its eating quality and taste. The unique marbling in F1 Wagyu beef creates an exceptional eating experience.


The marbling originates from intramuscular fat cells. Since Wagyu cows are more physically resilient, their fat cells are more uniform across their muscles. Because of their muscles, Wagyu meat is pinker and much more delicate, resulting in a more flavorful, soft cut of meat. It can cook for extended periods without becoming leathery or dried up. Wagyu beef also has fat that is better and healthier than other types of meat. 

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Our produce.


With our approach to sustainability, animal care and breed research, Snake Creek Cattle Company produces pasture to plate beef with no added hormones, antibiotics or artificial ingredients. Our all-natural beef is harvested from cattle that have never received hormones, antibiotics or feed additives of any kind.

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