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Our story.

Snake Creek Cattle Company was founded at Mandurama, Central West, NSW 3.5 hours from Sydney and is the blending of our family-owned operations. We have traditionally run steakhouse operations across Australia and worked to integrate the farm offering over the years. Our family loved a good public house, grew up around country pubs and loved the vibe, music & fun. We have always been about country hospitality and the great Australian experience.

Our breeding herd, a mix of pure Angus cows and pure Wagyu bulls, nestles itself on 1400 acres in the beautiful valleys within the Southern Highlands at Werai, NSW. Here we produce quality 100% grass fed beef, operate a farm direct Butchery/Bakery & run horsemanship clinics on farm from a ranch style arena. We are a small and diverse team who like to collaborate with the community.

After supporting our horsemanship programs, our steers are then fattened on pasture and finished at “Avondale” our Mandurama property which provides the ideal environment to graze and grow without adding hormones or chemicals. Our beef is processed locally at Breakout River Meats in Cowra and delivered back to our own master butcher in the Southern Highlands, ensuring quality products are placed in our outlets.

Having the offering of this property and the ability to control the quality and supply of produce at every step of the way creates a unique selling point. We also have an eye on the regenerative aspects of farming and opportunities to invite our customers and guests on farm via our agri tourism programs. Working with collective groups in strategic locations provides our community with a unique supply chain and great partnerships for county tourism and the visitor economy. 

We are motivated by the final stages of our products process. When it unites families around a long table for a special dinner. Brings together a bunch of friends or neighbours to soak up a campfire and celebrate a milestone or occasion. And in the gathering and migrating of people for community support with sustainable values, from the farm to your table.


We invite you to herd with us!




"Hugh and Alice clearly enjoy the challenge and relish the hard work required to build an agribusiness – integrating beef production, horsemanship, hospitality and education – that will make a meaningful, long-term contribution to the Southern Highlands community. "

"Our objective is not to grow something big, because big is not always best..."

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