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Join the herd.

Snake Creek Cattle Company is a family operation with an established background in the Pub industry and beef production. We are dedicated to provide you and your family with high quality prime beef and pies. 


Located in the Southern Highlands our breeding country features natural pastures, clean water and ideal undulating country for healthy beef production. We breed a mix of Wagyu bulls and pure Angus, resulting in a beautiful well marbled F1 Wagyu. The finishing country in the Central West provides and ideal environment and pastures to graze and grow. We maintain ethical cattle management practices and our beef is 100% pasture raised and finished, without growth hormones or supplements.


We are motivated by the final stages of our products process. When it unites families around a long table for a special dinner. From our pastures to your plates & pies.



Alice & Hugh

Meet your producers.

Our family welcomes you to understand the true origins of our produce. We strive every day to maintain ethical and sustainable values in what we do. Our farm gate is open.


Stewards of the land.

The main objective of all Snake Creek Cattle Company's management programs is to ensure the protection and preservation of the ecosystem. Through the implementation of innovative management techniques, the land is utilized in a productive manner for livestock, wildlife, and other fauna, while also maintaining the health of the native range. We firmly believe that it is our collective responsibility to take care of the land, preserve its natural beauty, and ensure its health for future generations.


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Our produce.


Snake Creek Cattle Company produces pasture to plate beef with no added hormones, antibiotics or artificial ingredients, beef grown the right way.


Experience our working farm.





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