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Join the herd.

For over twenty years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to doing things the right way to provide you and your family with high quality food, every time. We raise our pasture finished beef to be worthy of the honor of its place on your family table. And we do so with the unwavering belief that a steak is only as extraordinary as the practices that bring it from pasture to your plate. 


You’ll find that we love the land and treasure our traditions and community, but always with an eye on the long view. It drives us every day to work hard and provide you with the most flavorsome beef available in the Southern Highlands.


We are motivated by the final stages of our products process. When it unites families around a long table for a special dinner. Brings together a bunch of friends or neighbors to soak up a campfire and celebrate a milestone or occasion. And in the gathering and migrating of people for community support with sustainable values, from the pasture to your plate.


We invite you to herd with us!

Alice & Hugh

A place you can call home and
meet yo
ur producers.

We believe it’s important to know who is behind your food. At Snake Creek Cattle Company, we strive every day to earn your trust. Come on in and get to know us, our farm gate is always open.


Stewards of the land.

Snake Creek Cattle Company is bringing you all natural beef that has been nurtured from the ground up. Our produce is raised with love – you can taste the difference. Good food shouldn’t cost the earth, and regenerative farming is one of the most important and complicated aspects of what we do. We are passionate about the ethical treatment of animals and make sure they live the most natural lives. Our goal is to showcase transparency in our cow calf operations, and grow beef the right way.

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Our produce.


With our approach to sustainability, animal care and breed research, Snake Creek Cattle Company produces pasture to plate beef with no added hormones, antibiotics or artificial ingredients. Our all-natural beef is harvested from cattle that have never received hormones, antibiotics or feed additives of any kind.


Experience our working farm.


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Let's connect.

1 Werai Road, Werai 2577

New South Wales, Australia



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